Agringenium Innovations Private Limited has been formed on the principles and vision of a group of individuals who intend to develop value added bioproducts from agricultural by-products and coproducts. Our goal is to convert the abundantly available and inexpensive straw, leaves, stems and other residues of major food crops into value added and environmentally friendly bioproducts. With this approach, we not only eliminate the burning or burying of agricultural residues but will also add considerable value to the residues that will lead to economic benefits to the farmers. Simultaneously, we will use the green and environmentally bioproducts to replace the synthetic polymer based products in current use and reduce environmental pollution.

The Concept

It is often unnoticed that the amount of produce from an agricultural crop is much less than the residue it generates. For instance, the leaf, stem, husk and cob from a corn plant are 3 to 5 times higher than the weight of the corn harvested. Despite utilizing considerable natural resources, these byproducts are generally disposed as waste which means that the crop generated and resources expended are not efficiently utilized. Our approach is to maximize the use of the plant residues and natural resources and adopt the circular economy or “zero agricultural waste concept “being promoted across the globe.


Unlike existing biobased products available on the market, we have developed a technology to develop bioproducts using agricultural residues in their native form. We do not use any chemical processing (pulping) and hence are able to retain the distinct properties of the raw materials. Our products also use a natural binder that has been developed by us. Our bioproducts are 100% chemical free and are completely degradable.


The products we have currently developed include completely biodegadable cups, containers, bowls and plates. These are suitable for food and non-food applications. Bioproducts developed by us are 100% biodegradable and 100% chemical free. Also, the products can be recycled/reused as fertilizer for plants or as feed for animals since they contain natural proteins as a major constituent.

The Team

Our company is promoted by a group of 6 individuals consisting of scientists, engineers, agriculturists and entrepreneurs. The founders are highly qualified (four have PhDs) and have vast experiences in their field. Four of the founders have experiences in establishing and are running successful companies.

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